Motor Vehicle Registration

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Below you will find the laws and forms regarding Motor Vehicle Registration and Titling in the State of Kentucky

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Registration Renewal

Your vehicle license plate/decal must be renewed every year. Usually, plates expire in the birth month of the owner. The Kentucky Revenue Cabinet mails each owner a renewal notice detailing the amount of property taxes and fees due. The owner has the sole responsibility to renew their own registration, even if they fail to receive such a reminder.

Some plates expire in pre-determined months, other than the owner's birth month:

-Plates for farm trucks, motor homes/recreation vehicles, trailers, and weighted trucks (10,000-80,000 lbs.) expire in March.
-Handicap plates expire in July.

The following documents are required for Registration renewal:

-Certificate of registration
-Proof of Insurance
-Payment of registration fees & property tax (forms of payment include Cash, Money Order, Check (in-state only), Discover, MasterCard, and Visa)



Online Registration

The Department of Motor Vehicles offers owners the ability to renew their registration online with any major credit card.


Mail-In Service

Renewals must be processed in the county of residence, however they may be processed either in person at the clerk's office or by mail. To renew your registration via postal mail, mail required documents and appropiate fees, along with a $2 postage and handling fee, to the clerk's office at PO Box 686; Greenup, KY 41144. Your renewal will be processed within 2-3 business days. Expired registrations cannot be renewed by mail.


Handicap Parking Permits

Any person with severe visual, audio, or physical impairment, including partial paralysis, lower limb amputation, chronic heart condition, emphysema, arthritis, rheumatism, or other debilitating condition which limits or impairs mobility, qualifies for an accessible parking placard. Additionally, any agency who transports person with disablities as part of its service also qualifies for a placard for each vehicle used in discharging those services.

For application, Section .1 of the Application for Disabled Persons Special Parking Permit must be completed and signed by the applicant. If a licensed physician has completed Section 3, the form need not be notarized. If the applicant already has a license plate for a person with a disability pursuant to KRS 186.041 or 186.042, or if we can clearly determine that the applicant is disabled, Section 3 need not be signed by a physician. In this case, the form must be notarized. A notary is available in the clerk's office for an additional fee.

If a qualified agency or organization is seeking a parking placard, they must include the name of the agency or organization, number of vehicles being used to transport disabled persons, a statement on agency letterhead from the director of the agency or organization explaining the need for the handicap parking placard, and license plate numbers of all vehicles using the placard.

Parking permits are valid for six (6) years from the date of issue. A temporary placard can be requested and will be issued for six (6) months (for a temporary disability due to surgery, broken bone, etc.) and can only be renewed once.


TC 96-347

Application for Disabled License Plate or Parking Placard