Voter Registration

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Below you will find the laws and forms regarding Voter Registration in the State of Kentucky.

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Voter Registration

A minor seventeen(17) years of age who will become eighteen(18) years of age on or before the day of the regular election shall be entitled to vote in the primary, if otherwise qualified.
In order to be eligible to vote in Kentucky, you must:
-be a U.S. citizen;
-live in Kentucky at the address listing on the voter registration card;
-be at least 18 years of age on or before the next general election;
-not be a convicted felon or, if have been convicted of a felony, must have had your civil rights restored by executive pardon;
-not be deemed "mentally incompetent" in a court of law; and
-not claim the right to vote anywhere outside Kentucky.

If you meet these requirements, you may register to vote by completing the voter registration card. Instructions for completing the card:
-Print the voter registration card.
-Complete the card with blue or black ink, NO PENCIL.
-Check Yes or No box to questions A and B. If you answer no in response to either question, do not complete the card.
-Check the appropriate box that applies to your request (New Registration, Address Change, Party Change, or Name Change).
-Leave the sections blank under precinct code, precinct name, town, and other code. These fields will be com pelted by the County Clerk.
-Please print your correct Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Work Phone, Home Phone, Gender, Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name.
-Circle the correct suffix (if applicable).
-Please print the address where you live.
-Please print the address where you receive your mail, if it is different from the address above.
-Check one of the political parties. If you check "Other," please write the name of your desired political party. If you choose other, you are only eligible to vote for nonpartisan offices in a primary election. You may, however, vote for any candidate in all general and special elections. (Note: You may change your party affiliation at any time on or before December 31st to remain eligible to vote in the following primary election.)
-Read the voter declaration, sign, and date. If your signature is marked with an "X," have two witnesses sign your registration card.

After completing the card, please mail the completed form, if you reside in Greenup County, to the following address:
Pat Hieneman
Greenup County Clerk
PO Box 686
Greenup, KY 41144-0686

Upon receipt of your voter registration card, the County Clerk will send you an acknowledgment card either verifying your registration or informing you of a problem with your registration. This card will provide information concerning your precinct and voting locations.

If you do not reside in Greenup County, click here for a directory of Kentucky County Clerks.